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Coast To Country Specialised Coatings is your local epoxy flooring solution for your home. Our service area is from Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, and the Hunter Valley. Our epoxy flooring solutions beautify homes and add value with floors and concrete resurfacing that combine durability, strength, captivating aesthetics, and profound functionality. Discover the transformative potential of epoxy coatings for your home.


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Explore the Versatility of Epoxy Floor Coatings for a Garage and Concrete Resurfacing

When deciding an upgrade for your garage floor, outdoor entertaining, pool area or concrete paths, the exceptional properties of epoxy floor coatings are an excellent choice. Not only do epoxy coatings provide a robust and resilient finish, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the concrete surface.

At Coast To Country Specialised Coatings, we specialise in the application of high-quality epoxy floor coating that withstands the demanding conditions of a garage and concrete surfaces. This versatile solution is also ideal for a variety of other spaces that benefit from durable and attractive flooring options.

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What is a Flake Epoxy Flooring System?

The epoxy flake floor coating is a seamless five-coat system using flakes made of polyester resin and available in a wide range of colours and sizes. They are scattered (often known as broadcasting) on top of an epoxy base coat, creating a smooth, durable, and multi-colour finish. It is perfect for high-traffic areas, workshops with grease, dirt, and dust, commercial premises, showrooms, and residential homes.

The seamless nature of epoxy flooring ensures easy maintenance, mitigating concerns about spills and stains. Moreover, our expansive range of finishes accommodates every unique taste and requirement, from high-gloss options to slip-resistant textures. Epoxy finish for a garage floor, driveway, pool surrounds, or patio area,  by selecting the appropriate coating can transform any concrete surface.

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What are the benefits of flake epoxy flooring?

Besides being visually appealing the epoxy resin flooring is durable for high-traffic, concreted areas such as warehouses, garages and driveways. Flake flooring is a excellent option to upgrade old tired concrete surfaces, cover stains and repaired cracked concrete. It offers a stain, scratch, non-slip, chemical resistant surface, easy to clean and a long term flooring solution.

The seamless finish of an epoxy coating increases the durability and sustainability of your workplace or home.

Epoxy floors are topped with a specially engineered coating that consists of a hardener and resin. When applied to concrete, the mixture forms a tough, chemical resistant surface that’s strong enough to withstand everyday demands.

  • Reduced allergens and mould
  • Visually appealing
  • Extremely versatile and suitable for commercial, residential indoors and outdoors
  • Long lifespan
  • Maintainance free
  • Slip resistant

Our Extensive Range of Epoxy Flooring Products for Residential Use

Coast To Country Specialised Coatings offers an extensive range of premium epoxy flooring products designed specifically for residential settings. Epoxy floors have surged in popularity due to their robustness and sleek finish, becoming a staple in modern homes and renovations. Our products cater to a variety of residential needs, ensuring that there is an epoxy floor solution for every area of your home. Whether you’re looking for a resilient floor finish for high-traffic areas or a stylish, low-maintenance surface for your living spaces, our product range has you covered.

Our epoxy products are renowned for their versatility, wherein each floor finish can be tailored to the unique aesthetics of your space, offering both functionality and elegance. By choosing Coast To Country Specialised Coatings, you are guaranteed a floor that combines lasting durability with an impeccable finish, ensuring your home reflects a standard of excellence that stands the test of time. Choose our trusted epoxy products to elevate the floors throughout your residence.

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Trained Professionals In Application of Epoxy Coatings

At Coast To Country Specialised Coatings, we are trained professionals who stay up to date with the latest technology and trends in epoxy flooring.

Our technical know-how and procedures ensure successful surface preparation:

  • Moisture Testing
  • Crack Repair and Levelling Compounds
  • Effective removal of previous coatings by diamond grind
  • Purging oil, moisture or any contaminants found in the substrate
  • Concrete grinding and/or sufficient sanding of surface to ensure adequate adhesion of subsequent coatings

To deliver a high-quality finish using quality products, choose Coast To Country Specialised Coating for your epoxy coating flooring.

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Common FAQ’s on Flake Epoxy Flooring

The flake epoxy floor coating is a seamless five-coat system using flakes made of polyester resin and is available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Flakes are scattered (often known as broadcasting) on top of an epoxy base coat, creating a smooth, durable and multi-colour finish.

Epoxy floor paint are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas, workshops with grease, dirt and dust, commercial premises, industrial spaces, showrooms and homes.

Available in a variety of colours.

We also do Metallic Epoxy Flooring


1. Can Epoxy Flake be used outside?

Yes, Epoxy flooring can be outside. Areas we can provide epoxy flooring are:

2. Can Flake Epoxy go over pebblecrete?

Epoxy Flooring can go over pebble crete, it would need to have self-levelling cement over it first, or we do have a Polyacrylic that can go over pebble crete.
Polyacrylic is a UV-stable product available in a variety of colours.

3. Can you fix cracked concrete?

Yes cracks can be repaired through a few options as each situation is different contact us to discuss.

4. What is the difference between Epoxy and Polyaspartic?

Epoxy on it’s own is not UV stable and Polyaspartic is UV stable. Polyaspartic is 6 x times stronger than epoxy.

5. How long does it take to do an Epoxy floor in a garage?
Typical garage floor is a 3 day process depending on the preparation required.
6. Does Flake Epoxy cover concrete cracks?

Hairline cracks Yes. Structural crack can be repaired using the correct techniques.

7. Is it slippery?

We can add course quartz or fine alumina oxide.

8. Is it possible to do over indoor tiles?


9. Can it go over a painted surface?

No, the old coating needs to be ground off to ensure correct adhesion.

10. Does Flake Epoxy handle hot sparks and impacts from steel

Yes, we can use a polyaspartic as a top coat its 6x harder than epoxy and will withstand a harsher environment.

11. How much does Flake Epoxy cost per square metre?

Epoxy flooring cost as a general rule prices start from $75 per sq. metre over a prepared concrete surface.
Cost of epoxy flooring will depend on:
1. What condition the existing concrete is in
2. Type of finish and look your are after
3. Size of the space

For a more accurate quote we will need photos and size of the site. Online quoting is available

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Amber Watters
Amber Watters
The boys did a great job with my pool area. 3 different types of ugly, old fashioned floor types is now a beautiful, modern and safe area. Perfectly colour matched to our pool and surrounding gardens. Thanks so much. Very impressive work
Dean Karpathy
Dean Karpathy
I have used Coast to Country at my home & also at my work place. Good quality work, always punctual & polite. Great team, great local business run by local people.
Cassandra Watters
Cassandra Watters
Efficient, friendly and knowledgeable service!
Todd Smith
Todd Smith
Dave and his team have completed two jobs for me over the past 5yrs. Garage floors, epoxy flake resurfacing with amazing results. Totally changed both garage surfaces to a space that is now multi purpose.
Aaron Lucas
Aaron Lucas
A massive thank you to Dave & the team at CCSC. Super happy with the finished product. AAA+ Company offering Customer service 2nd to none.
Paul Wood
Paul Wood
Been a builder for 40 years contracted town and country to clean a brick job I had , blew 20mm holes in the bricks then the owner DAVE through it was ok to abuse me walked away from the job had to engage solicitors, keep away from this company there bad new , I have contacts all over Newcastle and they walk of another site I was on as they made a mess of that job too good luck
tanya Rogers
tanya Rogers
Could not fault our experience with Coast and Country. Was super quick to respond to our initial enquiry. Dave was out within the week with a quote, the communication system they use is great and we knew what was happening every step of the way. They boys were professional and courteous. We love the results of our driveway.
Kirby T
Kirby T
Dave and his team saved our garage floor. After our builders left us with a poor dusty concrete mess coast to country we’re helpful, prompt with their service and so efficient! We could not fault them at all and now we can move in with out hassle. Would highly recommend am for any garage floor or any epoxy needs.
Paul McNamara
Paul McNamara
Dave and Mick did a fantastic job. However more than that, Dave is a man of his word and operates at a level that I’ve not experienced with other trades before. Always turning up when he says, going above and beyond, happy to look at changes and additions during the job without fuss. They are very professional and pleasant, good people! I couldn’t recommend this company more. Great work guys, thank you, my place looks great!
Mato Demir
Mato Demir
The staff are amazing nothing was an issue from my initial contact to completion. Highly recommended